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Too Many Jobs for My Own Good

18 Aug 2020
18 Aug 2020
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I’m proud of the career I have and what I achieved in the last couple of years. I acquired a great deal of experience as a software developer and now, as a developer advocate. One thing that may worry potential employers is the fact that I have a short turnover on most of the jobs I had. By respect for the companies, without going into details, here are the simple explanations for each one…


I would have been laid off a week after due to a reorganization.


Cluster fuck with the upper management: the NLRB (United States National Labor Relations Board) was involved.


I love challenges, but after months of flipping tables to get resources for my team, I realized developer relations weren’t important for the company.


All the developer relations team, including our manager, resigned within a month.


Things changed after two amazing years: green KPIs at all cost and the end of open source love were against my principles.


IBI Solutions
All employees were laid off: the owner continued the business by himself.


After 5 years in a psychological abusive environment, I had enough.


So while I changed jobs too often for my own good, I guess it’s life… Anyway, I ask nothing more than a place where I can grow within a great culture, a place I can use my expertise and hopefully stay for many years!