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Wanna Work with Me?

6 Oct 2020
27 Apr 2021
2 minutes

Let’s be honest, looking for a job isn’t something I enjoy, yet, here I am, searching for my next role. I dream of finding a company that understand developer relations and where I’ll be able to grow for years. Shouldn’t be too much to ask, or is it?

I’m primarily looking for a Developer Advocate role: this is where I am at my best. I’m open to an IC (Individual Contributor) or a manager job. I truly enjoy sharing my passion about technology and helping developers being successful.

I have a strong experience: eight years as a Software Developer and ten as a Developer Advocate. I’ve also worked at amazing companies like Microsoft, Mozilla, npm, Fitbit and DigitalOcean. Public speaking is my superpower and something I truly enjoy: I gave more than 160 talks in 22 countries. I also have a knack for creating video content like podcasts or tutorials. Noteworthy, my previous coworkers said that I’m living on Twitter!

To bring the most value to a company, I want to evolve in an environment where trust is a thing: you hire me for a reason! To be at my best, I need some level of freedom and stay away from micromanagement. I’m a fan of the lean startup approach: let’s plan, execute, gather data, evaluate and continue, stop or adjust our tactics. This is how I roll…

One would say that it’s a blessing to be Canadian, especially right now, but it’s my biggest issue. It means that you need to be able to legally hire me in Canada. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you thought and I’ve been remote, working for US-based companies for the last ten years. Important to note that I don’t want to relocate in the United States or anywhere else in Canada. I would love to relocate somewhere in Europe though.

If you are afraid of vocal people, don’t think about me. If you don’t value being bold, don’t think about me. If you are not open to fighting the status quo when it makes sense, don’t think about me. If you are a company that don’t value human life enough to be part of the social changes happening right now, don’t even think about me!

So, if you like cats (it’s how I judge if you are a great person) and you think I am a FUCK YES, drop me a line.

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