Hiring me in Québec, Canada

15 Oct 2020
17 Nov 2022
2 minutes

So you want to hire me as an employee, but you don’t have a legal entity in Canada. Lucky for you, there are three easy solutions:

  1. You create a legal entity in Canada: it doesn’t matter if you incorporate in another province or territory than Québec, nor if you incorporate at the federal level, I can work for you.

This solution only make sense if you plan to hire more people here. It is easy, and inexpensive (1500$ & one week later it was done—the cost was “high” caused I used a lawyer to do it for me), but it may not be a possibility depending on your legal department and company.

With that said, here’s the two easiest, and legal, ways to hire me without a local entity:

  1. You use a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). They will be the middleperson between your company and myself. On paper, I will work for them: in reality, I will talk to them only for taxes purposes. You will pay them as a service provider including my compensation, cost of benefits, and a fee for their service. The benefit of using a POE is that you can also provide benefits like health insurances;
  2. You hire me as a consultant toward my company, Developer Relations as a Service Inc. It’s the same principle as a PEO: on paper I work for my company, but day-to-day, you won’t see any difference between me and a “real” employee. I’ll send you invoices for my salary, and the payment processing fees, which I wouldn’t have as an employee. The benefit of hiring me toward my company is the cost saving, and one less intermediary;

In the end, no matter the solution you choose, it will change absolutely nothing for the day-to-day work. So, there is no more reason for not hiring me!

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