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The WWW and me…

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When I have discussions about what’s next for me (2017 article, still hold a lot of truth) and one question always comes back: where can I find more information about what you’ve done in your previous roles or your online presences. So here it is, a bunch of links about articles, social media, videos and more. Keep in mind that this blog is by far the best source of information on my way of thinking and who I am…

Social Media

LinkedIn, which is basically my resume. No I don’t have a Word document…

Twitter, my preferred social media.

Instagram, because you may want to know more about my life, admit it, you are curious! Yes, there are many cats pictures…

Pocket, where I share articles I’ve read and found worth sharing.

Public Speaking

An exhaustive list of my previous talks (140+ – note that it’s on my previous site, I didn’t move the list here yet) containing direct links to recording, slides and articles. I’ve given online presentations, but also spoke at many offline events like conferences, workshops, panels and user groups in countries like Canada, Greece, USA, Hungary, France, Uruguay, Mexico, India, UK, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Ireland, Romania, Japan, Singapore, Australia…

SlideShare, all my presentations slides (slowly moving to SpeakDeck).

YouTube, mostly some video interviews with influencers (which is something I enjoy a lot), video podcasts and many recordings of my talks.

Some articles & book

I’ve published a book about personal branding for developers at Apress.

Blog posts I wrote for Make Web Not War, a brand I owned at Microsoft Canada: my focus was everything Open…

Articles I wrote while at Microsoft (I didn’t find a way to list the posts only).

Some articles I wrote or co-authored while at Mozilla.

Conseil du patronat (Prospérité Québec) – Partir à son compte, la réalitéL’intrapreneuriat, une forme d’entrepreneuriat

Some media interviews or mentions

The full list of my interactions or media writing about me, here are some highlights:

Cromo (Uruguay) – Una segunda oportunidad para Mozilla Firefox

​CNET – More change for Mozilla as top Firefox exec departs

Techvibes – Montreal Hosts Social Good Hackathon, Tackles Issues Like Water Scarcity, and Gender Bias

FullPC.gr (Greece) – Athens App Days 2013 και Firefox OS στην Ελλάδα

More technical profile

StackOverflow, where I was mostly active during my time with Firefox OS.

GitHub: note that, ironically, most of my projects as a full time software engineer were not open…

Events, meetups and conferences

Note that I don’t own nor organized those events anymore: I decided to focus on other part of my life.

YulDev, which I created to give an opportunity for developers to network: no presentation and not specific to one technology.

HTML5mtl, a front-end meetup I co-founded and co-organized for years.

FailCamp Montréal: the concept isn’t from me, but I brought the first edition in my hometown.

Geekfestmtl (Festival Geek de Montréal), an event I imagined (in French) years ago and co-organized the first two editions.

Some technical projects

I’m pragmatic, but I’ve always been more on the open side of things. Funny enough, most of my projects are coming with a lovely NDA and some are not even public.

Arc+ Welding Simulator as a Software Developer and project lead at 123Certification.

MobileTech (in French) as a Software Developer and team lead at IBI Solutions.

Miss on the go for Mss VV’s Mystery & the Laurentian Bank’s EIP with my customer Analystik as a freelancer.

Note that in Québec, there is a strict law (!) about the title Engineer, so consider Software Developer as the same a Software Engineer everywhere else…


Portrait de blogueurs (in French), a video podcast I created  (in French) to promote bloggers.

We are Geek (in French), an audio podcast I invented  (in French) and hosted with two co-hosts about anything Geek.

Feel free to ask me more information about any of those items.

* last update: 2019-04-13