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My 3 words for 2014

2 Jan 2014
30 Dec 2020
3 minutes

Since last year, thanks to my friend Fabrice Calando who introduced me to the concept, I’m choosing three words that will guide me through the new year. They are the foundation of what I want to accomplish, and improve during the following 365 days of my life. I really like the idea as it’s not a resolution, and it gives me freedom during the next twelve months. Since my first experience went well, let’s do this again for 2014!


I’ve always been finical: I like when things are well done. I had the feeling that for the sake of doing more, and constantly going faster, I lost a bit this side of me. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about this word is the Web: I have always wanted to create more, publish more, and reach more people whom I sometimes forget about quality, and strike for quantity. So in the next year, on every aspect of my life, I want to stop chasing the time, and focus upon the quality of my work (work equal everything I’m doing, not just stuff related to my job), even if that means doing less. I probably overused that term here, but for me, it’s about doing epic shit, and you can’t do amazing stuff if the quality isn’t there.


Who doesn’t want his work to matter? We are artists; we create stuff, and no matter what you are saying, everybody wants to have an impact. Since I’ll focus upon the quality of what I’m doing, instead of the quantity, I want to maximize the impact I’ll have with my work. That means getting more visibility, but it’s mostly about the result at the end. Will this thing will move things, fight the status quo, help others, help me? Or is the effort I’m putting there will be another rain drop in the ocean? It returns to focusing on what matters, and it will be a close partnership with my first word, quality.


I’m not free: I’m chained up to all the things I have. What happens if my condo got burned down? Will it be the end of my life? What happens if I want to live like a nomad, and live in different countries? For now, it would be impossible or really hard to do: I have too many things, and I’m probably living beyond my means. I don’t know if it’s realist for someone who is a materialist like me, but I would like to be able to pack one bag, and have all my possessions. In the digital age, my computer can contain my music, my photos, my documents, my books… I don’t think I need all those things to be happy in life, so minimalism (no matter what this will mean to me during the year) is my third word.

With these three words in mind, and my life manifesto always in my backpack, I feel strong, full of energy, and really excited for 2014. I hope this year will be as amazing for you that I think it will be for me!

PS: If you want to learn more about this idea, and would like to do the same (I highly encourage you to do so), I suggest you read the 2014 words from the initiator of this idea, Chris Brogan.

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