Every other week on Thursday 3PM EDT/ET (with some exceptions), Fred and his guests discuss #devrel (developer relations) and learn about new things with the guests’ demos. Join us live for the next #devrelshow and ask your questions to us

devrelshow episode 19 - Jonathan Gottfried from Major League Hacking

Join Fred, and his guest Jonathan Gottfried, Co-Founder at Major League Hacking (MLH), while they discuss all things developer relations, and discover some of the most amazing hackathon projects Jonathan ...has seen so far this year within all the hackathons MLH is organizing around the world.[+] Show More

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The idea is simple, we will have a discussion about developer relations, who you are, what you do, tips you want to share, how you became one of us, your employer and anything that naturally sprung out of our discussion. Lastly,  you will give a technical demo: it can be anything, really.

My goal is to give visibility to other developer advocates, foster a better understanding and demystify our role, help people who want to join the devrel journey to find some inspiration, and lastly, showcase cool tech folks may not know about!

Outside of the demonstration part of the show (even that), no need to prepare anything: it will be a casual discussion between two (new) friends. It will be live on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitch: so no video edition, even after, and no worries, shit happens, nobody dies. I don’t mind people swearing (I do a lot, only in English though) or that you are in your bath during the interview, but I will not tolerate any form of hate speech.

Lastly, here are some guidelines to review before the show, and please check the following F.A.Q., or ping me if you have any other questions.


I don’t have a lot of experience as a Developer Advocate, can I be a guest?

Simply said, I do not care about your years of experience in this field. It doesn’t matter as juniors, seniors, principals or whatever your seniority is, everyone has something interesting to bring to the table, and talk about.

I don’t want to demo anything, can I be a guest?

Unfortunately no, the demonstration part of the show is quite important: it’s not just about discussing devrel, it’s also a show to help the audience learn new things.

I’m a manager, can I be a guest?

Individual contributors or managers can be guests, as long as you are still technical enough to manage the demonstration part of the show. After all, the audience is a technical one.

My title isn’t Developer Advocate, can I be a guest?

Some companies name this role differently, so your title can be different (i.e., Technical Evangelist, Developer Evangelist, VP of DevRel, Developer Relations manager…) as long as your role is one that feels like your title could be interchanged with the terms Developer Advocate. I may open the show to other people working within the Developer Relations’ team, but for now, the concept remains around Developer Advocates.

What is the demo exactly?

As mentioned before, it can be anything technical for a technical audience. Some examples are an OSS project you contributed to or created, a cool application you built or like, a programming language you master or even the amazing product from your actual employer. Product pitches are encouraged so there are also values to your employer for you to be on the show: as long as there is a way for the audience to try your product for free. It’s about learning tools, services or applications that can be useful for the audience, which as a reminder is mostly developer advocates, developers, DevOps and GitOps practitioners, so in the end, a technical audience.

When is the show?

The show is usually every other Thursday at 3 PM ET/EDT, with some exceptions when I’m traveling or on vacation for the day, and some other exceptions for the time depending on the guests time zones. I don’t want you to go live way too early or late. We can discuss those details once you share your interest to be a guest.

Would there be audio-only episodes?

Unfortunately, no, as it will make it harder for the demonstrations part of the show. I will also not release audio-only versions of the episodes for the same reason. Lastly, to make it more interesting for people watching, the guests will need to have their cameras on. I understand that it’s making the show inaccessible for guests who prefer to not use the webcam, nor to the listeners who are visually impaired (at least the demonstration part won’t be appealing in most cases), so I’ll try to think about something, but for now, it’s video only, sorry.