Are you a Developer Advocate?

If so, I want YOU to participate to the devrel show, so fill that form.Now.Go.Come on.I'm waiting!

The idea is simple, we will have a discussion about developer relations, who you are, what you do, tips you want to share, how you became one of us, your employer and anything that make sense. Lastly,  you will demo for the audience and me (hey, I don’t know everything!): it can be anything, like an OSS project you contribute, a cool app you built, a programming language you are working on or even the amazing product you are evangelizing right now.

The public is mostly developers. My goal is to give visibility to other developer advocates, help people who would like to jump in developer relations to find some inspiration, help people discover some cool tech and lastly, demystify our job! Outside of the quick demo, and even that, no need to prepare anything: it will be a casual discussion between two people. The only thing you need is a good microphone, good webcam and a quiet space.

It will be live on Twitch and I won’t edit the video after. I don’t mind people swearing (I do) or that you are in your bath during the interview, but I will not tolerate any form of hate speech. Here are some guidelines to review before the show.