I want a logo, any designer out there?

4 Jan 2014
25 May 2020
3 minutes
Creative Commons: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gexydaf/4492179916/
Creative Commons: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gexydaf/4492179916/

I don’t know why, but I want a logo: maybe it’s the next step to my personal brand. For sure, it will be nice to have one. I saw a couple of people I respect with one, and I thought it could be a good idea to identify my work out there: slides, videos, photos… So as I did for the theme of my blog, I would like to do a call out for ideas, and designers who think they could do the work (I can pay, of course, I just don’t want to invest tone shit of money in something that is mostly for fun – so probably not for companies).

I have some guidelines on the technical side:

  • Simplicity is the key (no complex design, simple lines);
  • One or two colors maximum: preferably, the one from this blog;
  • It need to be as beautiful if in black, and white;
  • It need to be as visible when small as when it’s big;
  • The final file needs to be a vector (preferably, a svg file).

The main idea is that this logo will be used on many assets, so I need to be able to make it small, or huge even in black, and white without losing quality. On the design side, it’s kind of clear, and not that much at the same time: it’s a case of “I’ll know it’s what I wanted when I’ll see it”. I may have three suggestions:

  • Gnome;
  • Unicorn;
  • Gnome on a unicorn.

I’m open to anything else (maybe no text, or just something to identify me or how to reach me), but I’m looking for something original, that may or may not be tight with my profession (developer, evangelist – technical stuff), so I can use it for anything. I think I used gnomes, and unicorns for a presentation a couple of months ago, and it stayed (it’s even in my biography now), don’t ask!. As an example, I really like Lea Verou’s logo. Keep in mind that this logo isn’t a logo for this blog, even if I may use it here too.

So any ideas? Any designer would like to make a logo? Share to the artists you know.

2013-01-04 update

I decided to use 99Designs as suggested in the comment section. Everybody can apply at https://99designs.ca/logo-design/contests/spark-creativity-logo-containing-gnome-unicorn-even-both-276733 .

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