Shit happens, so what?

15 Jan 2014
22 May 2020
2 minutes

Saturday morning, I was waiting at the airport for my flight to San Francisco. As with many flights for the last week or so, it got delayed. I lost another three hours of my life at the airport, thanks to my computer, it wasn’t really lost. I also missed my connection flight as I finally took off on my first flight, when my second one… was taking off too! Once I arrive at the Washington airport (my connection), I was lucky to get another flight right after I landed, but my seat was a window seat: I hate those so much. I finally arrive in San Franciso four hours after my schedule, and I have to eat an unhealthy meat between my two flights, instead of the good meal I had planned at a local restaurant.

It could have been worst, but you get the point: it wasn’t a pleasant experience. What would I have been able to do? Complaining like other travelers? Yelling, and criticizing the poor airline employees who had no control over the delay? That would haven’t changed my situation. I wasn’t please, but shit happens! There is not really something I was able to do to change that situation, so I decided to live with it. I saved myself some stress, anxiety, frustrations, and more.

So next time shit happens, ask yourself “Can I do something to change the unwanted situation? ” . If the answer is no or not that much, cool down, and smile: life continues!

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