Interested in communication, and connection? Join me at the ThoughtBasin panel.

14 Jan 2014
22 May 2020
2 minutes

On the evening of the 23rd of January, I’ll be a speaker on a panel about communication, and connection with amazing people like Rami Sayar (more to be announce soon). This event, organized by ThoughtBasin, and happening at Concordia is primarily targeting students, and young professional, but is open to everyone. Here is the abstract of the panel:

In the continuation of ThoughtBasin’s tradition of doing great events to inspire thinking, and innovation on campus comes a panel of Montreal leaders in communication and connection at Concordia. The speakers are all working on great projects that require multiple stakeholders to connect, and emphasize with their goals, and they are all experts at creating and communicating narratives about what they do. Consider it a group discussion on how to create, communicate, and make people connect over ideas, and concepts.

The panel members will also interact with the crowd in a novel way, by brainstorming with them at the end of the event to come up with great ideas on how to communicate new concepts! Think of it like a living workshop on how to constantly create and communicate new ideas, and retain the interest and engagement of a multitude of people.

So signal your interest by buying a ticket now (free for students), and keep up to date with the latest information about the event by joining the Facebook event page.

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