Responsive Web Design in the sunny San Jose

19 Sep 2013
22 May 2020
2 minutes
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Creative Commons:

Two days ago, I did a keynote on Mobile First, and yesterday I did a presentation on Responsive Web Design at the Web and PHP Conference in San Jose, California. Those are two topics that really passionate me. I did a couple of presentations on this topic when I was at Microsoft, and there is no reason why I should stop right now, as it’s still very important.

As usual, note that the slides are only for the attendees, as they won’t make sense for you if you weren’t there. I finally start CamStudio before my presentation, so here is a screencast of my talk: note that it was recorded with the microphone of my computer, and I’m moving a lot on the stage when I’m presenting, so the sound is not always good (on top of that, it’s echo because of the room, and the microphone I had – I’m looking for a better way to do it – maybe a wireless mic to my computer). I hope it’ll help the attendees to grab bits they may have missed, or to learn more about the topic for people who weren’t there.

Did you know about Responsive Web Design? Do you think it’s important to support more viewports than just the usual size of a desktop screen? Did you use Responsive Web Design for web sites or web applications development? Do you plan to use it in the future? Share your thoughts.

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