Make Web Not War TV – WordPress & Windows 8 with Bryan Xu

18 Sep 2013
25 May 2020
< 1 minutes

Still part of the series of videos I did for the Make Web Not War TV project I had when I was at Microsoft, I did an interview at Confoo with Bryan Xu from IdeaNotion. I had the please to work with the guys at IdeaNotion for an Open Source project, MetroPress (now IdeaPress) that was helping people to build Windows 8 application from their WordPress blog.

In this interview, we talked about MetroPress, WordPress, Windows 8, and of course, his company. If you want a good company for your projects, hire them! I’m now back in the Web, and prefer to get the full experience of a Web site or Web application, but it was a good project for what we had to achieve at that time. On your side, did you use MetroPress? Are you building Windows 8 applications? What do you like or not from the OS? Are you using WordPress? Share your thoughts.

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