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16 Feb 2016
9 Oct 2020
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After a couple of weeks off, I’m back! Actually, it’s been two weeks that I’m working with customers, but I’m now ready to take more. Yes, that mean I decided to do some freelance work right now and have some opening.

Taking in consideration my experience, and my passion, my offering is divided in three focus:

  1. Helping companies of all size defining, and implementing an impactful business development strategy;
  2. Providing startups with a clear plan to improve their internal development processes and technology choices including coaching;
  3. Mentoring individuals to help define and enforce a tailored personal brand and public speaking skills to reach the next level in their career.

In the coming days, I’ll add detail on what that means for you and why we should work together. I also need to spare some time to work on my business site. Yes, no lion is born king is the name, because in the end, I want to help you be the king of your jungle…

Looking forward to working with you!

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