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Happiness – the minimalist way

29 Feb 2016
9 Oct 2020
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I’ll spare you the details for now, but last year wasn’t easy for me. Since, I’m slowly assessing my life to understand how I can reach my actual life goal: being as happy as I can be. One realization is that it can’t be achieved with the lifestyle I had in the last couple of years: I need to declutter my life!

Minimalism isn’t a new idea for me: it was one of my three words two years ago. Still, I never explored to its fullest potential this philosophy. Now, I see it as one way to get back to the essential in my life, me. I see the minimalist as a step toward freedom and happiness:

  • Owning less material by keeping what’s really important for me;
  • Keeping a small, but close circle of important people that matter in my life;
  • Getting rid of dependencies and constraints that prevent me from doing what I want;
  • Reducing the factors of stress in my life, no matter what or who they are.

For me, it’s not about living a monk-like life! Those steps will help me get rid of the excess in my life, and redefine what’s important for me. I’m pretty sure it’s a lifelong process, but every little step forward is a step thru the real me, the happy me. It’s the beginning of my journey, an odyssey that many of you won’t understand, and I’m fine with it: I’m doing it for me…

P.S.: this is the first article from a series where I’ll share my journey about minimalism.

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