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Looking for a new challenge

4 Jan 2016
9 Oct 2020
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It’s the beginning of a new year, which means a blank slate to move forward, improve yourself, and enhance your life. Personally, I’m starting the year looking for a new full-time job!

Over the last six months, I had the pleasure of working with the talented folks at IMMUNIO. However, the company is prioritizing other marketing activities than evangelism (the CEO can give you more information). It became apparent that this new direction won’t give me the possibility to use my passion and expertise to produce the impact I would like and the results they need, so my position was put on hold.

What’s next

Of course, I’ve been a Technical/Developer Evangelist/Advisor/Relations (whatever you call it) for five years now. I’ve built my experience (my LinkedIn profile – I don’t have a traditional resume) at companies like Microsoft and Mozilla, but I’m open to discussing any other type of role, technical or not, where my experience can help the business to achieve their goals. My only criteria? A role that will get me excited and where I’ll make things happen: without creativity, passion, and any ways to challenge myself, it won’t be a good fit, for both of us. On the compensation side, let’s be honest, I also have a lifestyle I would like to keep.

I’m fine with travelling extensively and remote working as it’s what I’ve done extensively for the last couple of years, but because of health issues in my family, I cannot move from Montreal (Canada). Note that I don’t want to go back as a full-time developer.

Some of my experience includes:

Feel free to read other articles on this blog and give a closer look to my primary social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). You’ll find a passionate, honest and bold person.

Contact me

I have the firm intention to find a company where I’ll be able to grow in the next couple of years. If you think we can work together, please send me an email with some information about the role.

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