Building Windows Store Apps, More Exciting Than A Unicorn in Wonderland

25 Apr 2013
27 May 2020
2 minutes

You are so passionate! It’s Saturday morning, a bit of drool near your mouth, your pillow printed on your face, and you are still sleeping? Never mind, Fred will start the day by giving you the same effect as if you were dancing with leprechaun in a pool filled with coffee! HTML5? CSS3? JavaScript? All those amazing technologies are making the party with the latest version of Windows, and it’s a festivity you don’t want to miss. The good fortune may be at your door, so let’s explore why you should be as excited building apps than a unicorn in Wonderland…

This, was the abstract I sent to the guys from DevTO, HTML5 Toronto, and JavaScript Toronto before they announced the Windows 8 workshop they done with us, Make Web Not War, 3 weeks ago. My role, do the keynote to get people excited about developing for the platform, and wake up people on this lovely Saturday morning. So based on what I sent, I had to build the proper deck, that you can view in my previous blog post. I think it’s a 15+ minutes presentation I can still iterate to make it more exciting, but from the feedbacks I had, I think it was successful! Thanks again to Matthew Potter who recorded the presentation during the day.

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