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HTML5 to the next level with Firefox OS at Python Montreal

6 May 2014
11 Oct 2020
2 minutes

On the 12nd of May, next Monday, I’ll speak for the first time at Python Montreal. No, it’s not gonna be about Python as I have no skills at all with this programming language. It has been on my todo list for a while, but never had the time to play a bit more with this technology, and learn about it. That being said; I’ll present on Firefox OS as the group had an interest to learn more about this new mobile platform, and guess what, being in Montreal, it’s a pleasure to share my passion about our OS. Here is my abstract for the talk:

If you are like me, your spectrum of interest is large when it comes to technology. You may be a Python developer, but that does not mean you have not any interest in HTML, and it’s a good coincidence as it’s the foundation of my presentation. In this talk, Frédéric Harper will show you how you can use HTML5 with the power of JavaScript to build amazing mobile applications as to brush up what you previously published. Learn about the open web technologies, including WebAPIs, and tools designed to get you started developing HTML apps for Firefox OS, and the web.

The idea is to introduce those developers to the new operating system, and see where HTML5 is going with stuff like WebAPIs. I hope they’ll have as much fun to learn about Firefox OS than they have to create websites with Python! So if you want to learn more about Firefox OS, register now as we have a limited number of places.

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