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Thinking about different devices viewport with Responsive Web Design at Devoxx UK

8 May 2014
11 Oct 2020
2 minutes

On the 12th, and 13th of June, I’ll be in London, United Kingdom to speak at Devoxx UK. I’m happy to present at this event as I know it will be amazing, and it will be my first time in this country. My talk will be about Responsive Web Design, and how to get the best of your design.

There is no mobile Web, there is no desktop Web, and there is no tablet Web. We view the same Web just in different ways. So how do we do it? By getting rid of our fixed-width, device-specific approaches and use Responsive Web Design techniques. This session will focus on what is Responsive Web Design and how you can use his 3-pronged approach on your current apps today which will also adapt to new devices in the future.

It will be quite interesting to talk about responsive web design again: I’ve always been a big believer in making sure you give a good experience to your users, no matter their screen size or platform, and I think it’s even more important in today’s world. For developers, using such a technique not only give them the opportunity to reach more people, and give a great experience to their users, but also make it so much easier to port to different web platforms like Firefox OS. If you want to join us, buy your ticket now, and use my promotion code SPK10E4 to save some bucks… See you in June London!

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