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Stop Glorifying Busyness

25 May 2017
9 Oct 2020
2 minutes

– How are you?
– Crazy busy, how about you?
– I hear you, I have too much on my plate right now.

Is it the type of small talk that ring a bell? For too long, I was either the one answering that stupidity or the one adding to that nonsense. Firstly, most people don’t care about how you feel: if you answer something in the line of “not good”, and discomfort will ensue. Trust me, been there done that! Secondly, how “being busy” could be a good answer? It may make you unhappy. It may give you the impression your life is perfect. Still, you don’t even answer the question, but I know why we do this. We want to be part of the cool kids and they are freaking busy these days…

Let’s be clear, being busy isn’t a status sign, a badge of honor nor a resultant of being successful. The only thing it shows is that:
A) you are not able to say no;
B) you don’t know how to manage a schedule;
C) you can’t prioritize or focus on what’s important for you;
D) all of the above.

It’s been a while that I’m talking about minimalism. Guess what? It does not apply only to the materialistic aspect of life. What about giving some space in your calendar, opening yourself to possible opportunities? How about focusing on yourself, your health and taking some “me time”? Could it be a good idea to stop running and be more present in the moment, enjoying what’s happening right now? All these are hard to do when you are always on the go. Usually, it also comes with stress, anxiety, and the best of it, quite often, sleep deprivation. You’ll sleep when you are dead, no?

I don’t want to patronize anyone here, but I’m quite sure you can’t be happy like this. I was not! It’s not easy, but I’m still learning and you can too. Does that mean I’m now a couch potato with no projects? Of course not, but I’m more selective, focus more and more important, I’m enjoying a lot more my life.

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