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3 words for 2023

1 Jan 2023
1 Jan 2023
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It’s been a couple of years that I’m defining three words instead of a standard resolution. The big difference is that they are guidance, not things I absolutely need to do. One may see this as a lack of accountability, but doing it this way is a lot more impactful for me. It also alienate the guilt if I don’t achieve a specific goal I’ve taken. More often than not, the words improve the specific aspects of my life I wanted to focus on, even if it’s not perfect.
This year, it’s about taking the control of some aspects of my life, while continuing my journey to be happier. I’m quite proud of what I achieved in the last year about the latter, but it’s only the beginning. Without further ado, here are the 3 words that will guide the next 365 days…


Dharma is the Sanskrit word for the teachings of the Buddha. It’s no secret that I study the Tibetan Buddhist philosophy for two years now. I started with online teachings during the harsher part of the pandemic, and since this summer, I’ve done multiple retreats.At some point, I’ll write an article to explain Buddhism, what we learn, and my spiritual journey. What I can tell you right now is that I’m way happier since I practice what I’ve learned. I want to continue to learn, and more important, to integrate the Dharma even more in my everyday life.


Due to my actions (or lack of), and external factors I couldn’t control, the last three years were difficult finance-wise. It’s time I took the ownership of my finance! I don’t want to be in the situation I’ve been in the last months again. It will start with a budget I’ll follow, and update which are the important parts. I’ll replenish my bad days fund alongside with paying off my debts completely. By doing so, I will set the foundation for next year: I’ll be able to focus on retirement, and maybe, buying a house again.


I’m fat, it’s no secret. It comes with health issues, which could be less important or even disappear if I were losing weight. I’m not even talking about the negative effect on my self-esteem, and on my dating reality. I don’t exercise or move enough, but for me, the food is my true issue. I eat too much restaurant, way too much. I also eat for dopamine boost, thanks to my ADHD brain, but that’s another topic. During the first year of the pandemic, I was so scared of ordering food that even if I wasn’t eating what’s best the grocery stores have to offer, I lost 55 pounds… by being a couch potato, who didn’t order once. Unfortunately, I took it back the minute I was less scared to get delivery. I didn’t use that time to make better and positive food habits. This year I want to relearn how to eat, explicitly by cooking instead of ordering food or eating frozen shit.
For the first time since a decade, I’m starting the new year with a smile, a heart full of compassion, and great hopes for the next 12 months. I think 2023 will be amazing, especially with those words guiding me!
  1. 2023-09-10 - Reply

    Hey Hi ! Hope you’re doing well with your goals.
    Just wanna say that it’s an interesting blog.
    Ne lâche pas !

  2. 2023-09-10 - Reply

    Thanks Jonathan!

    The good thing is that they are not goals, but words to inspire me to go in a direction. It may feel like the same, but I don’t feel guilty if it’s not going as well as I would like to. It’s going well with one word, a little less with the others, but the year is not finished.

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