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Please read this before receiving feedback from me

16 May 2023
16 May 2023
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When I evaluate or review something for you, no matter that it is (i.e., blog posts, resumes, conference talks, open source projects…), I do it with the goal of helping you or your team. Never doubt that I am rooting for you. I want you to succeed! With that said, I’m fully aware that I tend to focus on things that could be improved instead of cheering for everything else that is awesome. I also have a direct approach with my feedback, but they are in no way a show of disrespect or personal attack about yours or your team’s work.

I believe that the devil is in the details, which often translate to a lot of comments, suggestions or ideas. Still, don’t be discouraged by the length of those: not all feedback are created equal. No matter what, I’m always happy to clarify or discuss more in depth any points I made.

Lastly, it’s important to understand that my feedback is opinionated. It’s based on my experience, and understanding of what I’m reviewing, which are both different than yours. I do not have the holy truth, so feel free to disagree or disregard anything that doesn’t resonate with you.