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I’m joining Kubefirst

28 Nov 2022
28 Nov 2022
2 minutes

Today is my first day as a Principal Developer Advocate at Kubefirst, a fully automated open source Kubernetes platform to provide cloud infrastructure management and software delivery in minutes. Kubefirst is like a company within a company as it’s part of Kubeshop: an accelerator for open source startups around cloud-native space.

I’m back in an IC role, and it’s what I wanted, even if I was open to leadership ones: I’ll be able to focus on making shit happens, while still helping others be successful. I’m also back in the cloud, and K8S ecosystem which is exciting to me: when I was at DigitalOcean, Kubernetes was one of my focus, and I enjoyed the good, the bad and the ugly of it. It’s part of the reasons I’m so excited about this new challenge: Kubefirst is taking care of some of the not so easy and time consuming parts of managing your infrastructure with this giant beast that is Kubernetes. Lastly, I’m back in the open source space, which cannot make me happier!

They were ready to wait for the right fit, as much as I was ready to wait for the right one also. It was a match made in heaven, for both sides since we moved fast. I’ll share more information about Kubefirst in the coming days, but while I’m settling in, please go check our GitHub repository, and show me some love by clicking that little star button 😉 .

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