TripIt, let’s connect together

15 Aug 2013
25 May 2020
3 minutes

I opened a TripIt account when I started at Microsoft (French post) as I was going to travel a lot. At that time, it wasn’t something I used much, and my account became a ghost account as we see many of them on the web. Once in a while I try to clear my dead accounts by cancelling them, but I thought that I could use in a more efficient way my TripIt account now that I’m at Mozilla.

The idea is simple, firstly, it will be a good logbook about my travels for personal usage: where I’ve been, and when. I updated my previous trips, so my account is now up to date. It’s also a good way, I think, to share with friends, and followers where I’ll be next. As I said quite often, for me, Evangelism is all about people, and as I’m someone who is very social (see how things go well together), I want to meet the awesome person you are when I’m going in your city. As I try to keep up to date my speaking page on this blog (you can see all the presentations, panels, keynotes or hackathons I did, or I’ll do), I’ll try to keep my TripIt account with the latest information on my future trips. Because I’m always open to meet new folks (or meet again old friends) for a coffee or a beer (or anything else) to discuss or help in person, that mean you can let me know if I’m going in your hometown, and you want to meet. You can check my public account (also accessible from the TripIt icon on top of this blog) with all the information you need, but if you also have an account, you can add me as a connection. Being a connection would make it easier to see where I’m next, but also see if we are somewhere at the same time (there are free accounts, which I use). Last, but not least, the offer is also for my buddies in Montreal! Of course, it’ll always depend on my agenda, as sometimes when I’m outside for meetings, as an example, I won’t have time to go out as all my week is already planned. So in all cases, if you want to meet me to talk about your project, getting help about Firefox OS or just chat about anything else not related to work, ping me on Twitter or send me an email at Hope to see you soon!

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