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The one time I sang with a live band

10 Apr 2014
11 Oct 2020
2 minutes

As you may know, I was part of a fundraising (French post) for the Marie-Vincent Foundation. I was one of the IT leaders in the Montreal industry, along with friends as the guys of Real Venture, to sing a song in front of the attendees. The goal was to raise money for the foundation. If you know me, you know that I do not care about being laughed at. I also have no problem to be on stage in front of people, but I need to admit I was stressed out for this one. You can watch the damage here…

The voice level was lower during the event to keep attendees from running away, so I guess they recorded directly from my mic output.</em It was a fantastic experience! I discovered an amazing foundation, for a cause that shouldn’t exist in a better world. I had the pleasure to sing a song with a live band, and they were amazing. Not that I did not have respect for group signers, but now, my respect level for them reach a new level. The song I choose, Get Lucky from Daft Punk, was energetic, and people were dancing. It sure has a special place in the epic shit list of things I did in my life!

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