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YulDev, connecting with other developers

21 Apr 2014
11 Oct 2020
2 minutes

Montreal’s Developers, would you like to have more occasions to network with your peers, no matter which technology they are using? If it’s the case, YulDev is for you: a new monthly meetup where you can network with developers, and talk about whatever you like. The simplicity of just discussing code (or anything else) with a drink (juice, coffee, beer, glass of wine…) and other developers.

We are lucky in Montreal: there are many user groups for developers! Most of them have one point in common: they often focus on one technology or a group of related ones, and the primary goal is to learn from a speaker. Like you, I have much interest when it comes to technology, but I also have limited time in a week. Therefore, I cannot attends all the user groups or events I would like too, and I feel I’m missing opportunity to meet new amazing developers. With this in mind, I created YulDev, a Montreal style (French & English) user group or I should say, networking group as there will be no presentation (maybe greetings from your host in the beginning, but nothing else). In a 6@8 formula, the goal of this monthly event is to mingle, talk with people you know, and of course, meet new one. You never know what will happen next: new job, new friend, possible customer, a startup idea, interest in a new language, discovering a new user group you did not know about, and of course, an amazing evening with great developers.

So don’t wait, join the group, share about it with your co-workers, and RSVP for our first meetup in May. Don’t underestimate the power of networking in our industry!

P.S.: If you are the lead of a group for developers in Montreal or a media, and would like to promote YulDev, please let me know. If you are a company, and would like to sponsor the group, let’s talk about it (more information soon about our needs).