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Don’t hurt Mozilla

4 Apr 2014
11 Oct 2020
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The storm that hit Mozilla since a couple of days makes me sad…

I’m in favor of gay marriage. I also have lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender friends. I would have the same opinion without them in my life. I firmly believe in freedom, and I respect people who don’t have the same opinion or vision as me. I did not know Brendan Eich enough as I only meet him once. I did not have strong opinions about his nomination as the CEO of Mozilla. I trusted the people who made the decision, and I thought that it could not hurt to have one of the founders as the new leader. CEO question apart, I’m grateful to Brendan for his contribution to the Open Web, and the creation of Mozilla. Let’s not forget the invention of JavaScript.

Why I’m sad

I’m sad because I had to start this post with justification about my personal belief, and social life. I saw so many other posts or thread gone in the wrong direction. I’m sad because the web shown his ugly face: on both sides of the story or beliefs. More important, even if I was disappointed by Brendan donation, I’m sad because he resigned. It’s not exactly about him, but more about the consequences. Last, I’m sad because Mozilla, that was probably one of the most open organization I know, changed during the last days…

Don’t hurt Mozilla

The person who did the donation was Brendan Eich. The people who nominated him were the board members. Even if they are making high level decisions as nominating a CEO, they are not Mozilla. Mozilla is thousands of people, some paid staff, and many volunteers. Mozilla is the people who fight, and work for the web: we want the web to be more open, and we want more people to have access to it. Mozilla is you! The shit storm of the last days did not only hurt Brendan: it hurt Mozilla a lot. It hurt the people who worked for days, months, years to make the web a better place to be!

Please, don’t hurt Mozilla.

P.S.: I’m not sure this post pay honor to my thoughts or if it makes sense to add to the cacophony…

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