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The gift you can give me

4 Mar 2015
9 Oct 2020
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I turned thirty-three today. I have a tradition on my birthday since a couple of years now: I take the day off, and treat myself. I started the morning with a yummy breakfast at the restaurant, and now taking a good coffee as I’m writing this post. Soon, I will be on my way to the spa for a massage and some outside hot baths. As I’m getting older, I tend to take care of myself a bit more.

I usually tell my friends that I don’t want gifts: as cheezy it sound, having them as friends are the greatest gift I can have. This year, I have a special request: there is one gift you can easily give me. As you may know, Apress published my first book recently on personal branding for developers: Success in Programming – How to Gain Recognition, Power, and Influence Through Personal Branding. For my birthday, I want you to buy a copy (digital or physical version are available) for you, a friend or a co-worker. If you are not in the tech world, already got a copy or don’t want to buy it, share the link into your network. or have the best deal – Apress has more digital formats.

Trust me, I won’t get rich at all with this book! I’m not even sure it will pay off the time it took me to write it, and it’s a quick read, less than two hundred pages. There is no denying that it’s a great achievement to publish a book, but my goal is to truly spread the idea of personal branding to as many people as I can. This is where you are ins-tru-men-tal! This concept of thinking about yourself as a brand helped be where I am today: waking up on Mondays and being happy it’s Monday! One could think it’s rude to ask for a gift for his birthday, but I guess I’m that kind of guy…

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