Social Media Breakfast – Public Speaking? No, thanks!

10 Oct 2013
25 May 2020
2 minutes
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On the morning of Wednesday the 23rd of October, I’ll have the pleasure to speak at the Social Media Breakfast Montreal event. I’m really excited about it as it’s the second time they give me the chance to talk about a non-technical topic that is also a pet-peeve of mine: public speaking. As I defined myself as a public speaker, and that I’m speaking at conferences for a couple of years now (about 80+ talks), I seriously want others to start to do it. I’m also having the idea, since a couple of months, to create some kind of speaker camps to help people to start with public speaking! It’s a real pleasure to do it, and it’s amazing to see the impact you have on people while on stage. It’s also something who gave me a lot in return: you help people, but you learn a lot from attendees. Here is the abstract of my presentation:

You may think that public speaking isn’t for you, but you’d be wrong. Do you have a passion? Do you like to share with others? Public speaking will help you spread the love in your industry, and help others find success. But let’s be honest: you’ll get a lot out of it too. You’ll learn from attendees, grow your network, get visibility, and much more in return for your efforts. Let’s explore why there are good opportunities for you, how to set and achieve your goals, and where can you start. Who knows, you may have a born public speaker hidden inside of you!

It’s now time to get your ticket for the event because there are few left, and it’s free: thanks to ING Direct who sponsored the event! I’m looking forward to share some of my insights about why, and how to start public speaking, but I’m also looking to have some good discussions with the attendees of the breakfast, as it’s the most important part for me. Are you doing public speaking? Would you like to start? Do you think it’s not for you? Share your thoughts!

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