Social Media Breakfast Montreal and the personal branding

21 Aug 2012
25 May 2020
2 minutes

Do you know Social Media Breakfast events? Those are recurring events that, like the name said, are related to social media. It’s a way for social media enthusiasts, and professional to learn, but also to network with each other. We are lucky, has we have a chapter in Montreal, the Social Media Breakfast Montreal.

I recently got invited by my friend Fabrice Calando to assist to one of them, so I went to the last two editions with Julien Smith, and Ray Hiltz as speakers. It was a great experience to meet all the attendees, and as a social media aficionado myself, a great moment to listen to these great people that are Julien, and Ray. The next one will be in October, and they asked me to present. As I’m speaking on technical topics for my job, I also like to share with other in my personal time on different non-technical topics. I tried to find a topic that would resonate with the audience, and on which I would have fun to talk about. So on October 10th, I’ll be presenting about branding: What a Technical Evangelist can tell you about Branding.

As an evangelist, your own branding is critical for your role. Interesting enough, it’s not just about this job type: you as a freelancer, a community manager, as a….you need to think about your branding. It’s about you as a person, you as an employee, and what people will associate you with. It’s one of the most important weapons you have.

Taken from my own experience, I’ll give you some advice about your branding in-person, but also online by using social media. We’ll talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly…

It will be a way for me to share my experience of personal branding, and discuss with awesome people in the audience. So buy your ticket now for the cost of 15$. For that price, you’ll have breakfast on site, meet exceptional people, and I hope, have a good presentation, and discussion with me after. Will you join me at Social Media Breakfast Montreal to discuss about personal branding? Do you think personal branding is important? Share your thoughts! 

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