Please someone, explain me Twitter

5 Apr 2012
22 May 2020
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Unfollower unfollowed

If you follow person X, it’s because you find it interesting? I know some people will follow person X, because he followed you, but at least you took the time to see who he was, read some of his past tweets and found that he had a minimum of interest to follow him back? If, for any good or bad reason, person X unfollow you, why are you unfollowing it right away? Is he less interesting because he isn’t following you anymore? Oh, and by the way who thought that it could be a good way to have the people follow you back if you make a tweet telling all your followers that he unfollowed you? Even if the goal is to have a kind of revenge? Do you really think it will hurt the person?

The race to followers

I can understand companies, they want to reach more people, but for a personal account, is it really the goal of Twitter? Having more followers? I’m discouraged when I see tweets that ask people to retweet the fact that they need only 5 more followers to reach 1000 followers or whatever number. My goals on Twitter: get valuable information from my followers and have great discussions with people I’m following. For sure, having more followers helps reach more people with whatever you are saying, but the end goal is not to have more followers that anybody else, no?

Each time you self-promote yourself, God kills a kitten

I often hear people saying that the other person is doing too much self-promotion on Twitter (replace Twitter by any social media). OK, and? Twitter is an awesome platform to share our success, projects, ideas… with the world. If you find someone is doing too much self-promotion, there is an easy way to stop this: unfollow that person.

Cross-posting sell your soul to the devil

I’m doing it: all my tweets go to my Facebook account. Why? I don’t have time to manage all my social media presence with specific updates. I also prefer Twitter and it’s a way for me to give some news to my Facebook friends. If you can’t stand that someone is doing this, following this person only on one media could be a good idea.


In 1 month, it will be 4 years that I’m using Twitter and maybe there is something I didn’t understand, please, help me! What do you think about these? Am I wrong? Share your thoughts!


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