No job is secure

14 Feb 2014
22 May 2020
2 minutes

Yesterday, someone told me that I should start looking for a new job as Mozilla is working to diversify is source of revenue by showing ads on new tab tiles. His point? If Mozilla is looking for new revenue, it’s maybe because they are expecting something to go wrong with the biggest contributor to our revenue, Google.

Personally, I’m happy that we are doing this as whether it may or may not go wrong in the future, you never want to bet on only one horse: it’s not the case, but it’s true that the biggest part of our income is from search engine revenue from the big G. No matter why we are doing this, my answer was that no job is secure. No matter if you are your own boss, working on a startup, have a role you enjoy in a small company or even a comfortable one in a huge empire, no, job, is, secure.

A little more than four years ago, I was working in a startup, building an amazing product. I was the first employee, and I was happy. The founder and I already had some discussion about being partner in this journey, instead of a simple employee. One month after, at the moment I was supposed to sit down with him to go a little more in details about my future new role, I got a surprise: I got fired! It was the case for all employees; the adventure was ending there. It was a bit crazy as I was seeing myself being there for many years, and achieving big things!

You never know. Even in big companies, I have friends of mine who lost their job as their department was restructured. From that time on, I always keep in mind that no job is secure, and forever. It’s also why I never take anything for granted, always try to do my best, continue to network even with head hunters, and always keep my LinkedIn profile as updated as I can. You should too…

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