Music is my life

7 Jan 2012
22 May 2020
2 minutes

I must say that I’m a music lover. I like music of all sorts, almost. I don’t play any instruments, but for a long-time  music was a big part of my life. For an unknown reason, last year, it wasn’t the case. I missed it.

I missed listening to it. I missed discovering it. I missed sharing it. I took some times during my vacations to get back in the world of music. This year won’t be a year without music. I will fire up Zune as often as I open TweetDeck. I will go back in stores or online website to discover new albums, new artists that I will encourage by buying their CDs (no 1990 didn’t call me back; I’m still buying CDs). I will also try to share some of my treasure with you, on this blog. Maybe a podcast will rise out of this. I have an idea of who would be a good co-host, but it’s always a matter of time when I have this kind of ideas.

Do you like music? Is music important in your life? What are the best albums you listen to in 2011? Who is your greatest group or performer of all time? Which kind of music do you enjoy? Share your thoughts!

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