Hack your life challenge #1: get rid of excess clothing

5 Jan 2012
25 May 2020
2 minutes

Two days ago, I wrote about the project of Fabrice Calando, Hack your life. Since I think it’s an amazing idea, I wanted to participate, and it’s what I did with the first challenge: get rid of excess clothing.

To be honest with you, it wasn’t a hard challenge for me, and it’s OK. I really think that the challenges will sometime be easy and sometimes harder depends on a lot of personal factors. Once in 2-3 months, I clean my wardrobe, and give to charity the clothes that I don’t want anymore. I must say that I had a couple of conferences, and Geek t-shirts that I was holding for memory purpose. Some of them are also real art! This clean up gave me the idea to post, on this blog, some of the t-shirts I have. People always tell me that my t-shirts are awesome, so why can I share some Geek fashion here!

I did this challenge with my fiancé, so the three big bags are not only my stuffs. We also take the time to give other things we didn’t use anymore to the local Fripe-Prix Renaissance. I encourage you to do the same with things you want to get rid off that are still usable.

Did you do this challenge? If not, will you do it? If yes, was it easy or hard for you? Share your thoughts!

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