Mobile First at Web and PHP Conference

18 Sep 2013
22 May 2020
2 minutes

If you know me a little, you know that I’m all about the Web, and that I care about mobile experience. Even before being a developer, I’m a user, and I’m quick to complain on Twitter when I’m having a bad experience (first world world problem). I’m a in the sunny San Jose for the Web and PHP conference; I did a keynote today about mobile first: a philosophy that I like a lot, and that I want to spread a little more.

In my presentation, I’m talking about the actual problem when it comes to Web experience, what could be a good solution (mobile first), what is it, why we should think about starting mobile when we are building a web site or applications, the pros as the cons of this philosophy, and how to get started. The second day of the conference is mostly done (first day was all about workshops), but if you are near San Jose tomorrow, come see us, it’s free, and I’ll do a presentation on Responsive Web Design.

Did you know mobile first? Did you start with the mobile platform first? Did you find it difficult to switch to this method? Do you think it worth it? Share your thoughts.

P.S.: As usual, the slides are there for attendees. I’ll create a screencast later, forgot, again, to start CamStudio.

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