Make Web Not War TV – Cross platform technologies with Raymond Tsang

26 Sep 2013
25 May 2020
2 minutes

This is the 9th video of a series of twelve interviews I did for my old project, Make Web Not War TV. Again during Confoo last year, I had a great discussion with Raymond Tsang from IdeaNotion. In this interview, we talked about his first experience at Confoo, one of the biggest technical conferences we have in Montreal (Canada). We also discuss about the Make Web Not War lounge that my team, and I did at the last edition: it was a good conference for Microsoft to meet developers, get feedback, show the openness of the company, change the perception, but also get people to build on our platform. I really hope Microsoft, and Make Web Not War will continue to sponsor, and be an active partner of this amazing conference.

We also talked about the Twitter wall that Raymond, and his team made for the event. It’s not just about Twitter as they as well included Instagram, Facebook, and a lot more social media. We focused on interoperability, and why they choose many technologies as a proof of concept for Windows Azure on a Linux virtual machine. You also have one of my famous “lost in translation” moment! Last, but not least, we also talk about Windows 8: it was my main focus as a Technical Evangelist! So, last year, were you at Confoo? Do you plan to attend the next edition? Do you like Twitter wall in conferences? Share your thoughts!

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