KWS Montréal – Speakers Overview

11 Sep 2013
25 May 2020
< 1 minute

kwsI really like the promotional video that the people behind Kongossa Web Series (KWS) Montreal did, and trust me; it’s not because I’m in. I think it’s seriously a good way to showcase some of the local talks, and excite people a little more about what they’ll be able to see at this conference. I’m really happy to be one of the speakers, and for this one, I’ll go out of my usual technical talks: at the end, I have more passion than just development (oh dear, is it possible?!).

I’m very excited to be able to share my point of view about personal branding, and help people to understand why they should care. I already did a small conference about the topic at Social Media Breakfast, and now I’ll have the chance to do a full keynote on this pet peeve of mine. I’m happy to see that my replacement at Microsoft, Rami Sayar, who will be a rock star Evangelist, will also be there: a good way to connect with the new Microsoft guy in town! See you at KWS!

P.S.: Wow, at 0:55, they were able to make me smile!

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