Make Web Not War TV – Windows Azure with Cory Fowler

10 Sep 2013
25 May 2020
< 1 minute

Cory_and_FredI had the pleasure to meet Cory Fowler when I was a Microsoftie. He was one of the Windows Azure MVP (Most Valuable Professional), and join Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist maybe one year before I left. At the 2013 edition of Confoo, Cory was there with his Corp team to talk about Windows Azure. I took advantage of the fact he was there to make an interview for my little video series, Make Web Not War TV, that will never exist.

We talked, of course, of Windows Azure as Cory is one of the most knowledgeable Evangelists I know on the topic. Since Cory comes from a PHP background, we talked about the Openness of the Microsoft cloud platform around PHP, but also around other programming languages. We highlighted the fact that Windows Azure, isn’t just about Windows: you can run Linux too. It’s also not only about .NET, and PHP as you can use Node.js, Java, Ruby…

I plan to move my blog in the cloud, and personally Windows Azure will be my platform of choice. Since the price is good, that the Windows Azure Websites is what I would need, it’s easy to use, powerful, and I know how it’s working (it was one of my focuses as a Technical Evangelist), I think I can’t go wrong. In any case, if I need help, I also know who I can ping! Are you in the cloud? Do you know what are the advantages of Cloud Computing? Did you know about Windows Azure? Do you prefer Amazon or any other services? Share your thoughts!

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