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I’m joining IMMUNIO as their Technical Evangelist

29 Jun 2015
27 Apr 2021
2 minutes

Today is my first day as a Sr. Technical Evangelist at IMMUNIO. I’m excited about this new challenge: the product is for web developers, which is where my experience and love belongs. I’ll also have the opportunity to go out of my comfort zone, something I like as you can guess, because the product is in the security space. It’s a part of the tech world I don’t know, yet!

As their first evangelist, my main role will be to help developers secure their applications, and be successful with Part of my day-to-day will continue to be what I’m doing for the last couple of years: speaking at conferences, writing blog posts, helping one-on-one developers, being a spokesperson, and more. The product is now in private beta, but soon, I’ll share with you more information about how we can help you protect your application, and get important data in real-time.

This new position aligns perfectly with my career path: doing what I like by going back in the startup ecosystem with brilliant people who are disrupting their space. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for us at my last gig, hence this announcement, but I’m looking forward to a successful new journey with the amazing people at Let this great adventure begin!

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