Hack your life

3 Jan 2012
22 May 2020
2 minutes

You know the feeling when someone has an awesome idea, and you say to yourself “damn, it’s such a good idea, why nobody had it before…” ? I had this exact feeling when Fabrice Calando share on Twitter is idea about a project named “Hack your life”.

The concept is simple, but so powerful: one challenge per week that will help you go out of your comfort zone. That mean 52 challenges at the end of the year: sometimes easier for you, sometimes not. These challenges will help us be more comfortable with changes and will help us resist at the flinch.

Fabrice did this for himself, but as he shares his experience, and the challenges, in advance, with ourselves on his blog, everybody is invited to participate. You probably have already understood that I want to be part of the Hack your life project, so I’ll share with you my insights, and results on each challenge. If you want to participate or just see the challenges, you can check Fabrice blog.

On your side, will you participate with us? Do you find ways to hack your life? Do you go out of your comfort zone? Share your thoughts.

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