Going to Krakow in Poland, anything a tourist should do?

29 Aug 2013
22 May 2020
3 minutes
Creative Commons: https://j.mp/15AAvZD Creative Commons: https://j.mp/15AAvZD

I’m very fortunate to have a job which gives me the opportunity to travel. When I was at Microsoft, I used to travel a lot in Canada, and every time I had the chance to go somewhere brand new, I was taking two days off to do the tourist. I like to discover unknown places, new cultures, and there is no reason that it will chance with my new role at Mozilla. Except that now, the travels aren’t limited to Canada. The next place I’m visiting is Krakow, in Poland, and I’ll take two days to visit a little.

What I try to do when I’m going somewhere is to ask people who live there or people who already travel to that city or country. I want to maximize my time there as two days is not that long. As an example, the last time I took some days off is when I went into Seattle. I asked some friends there, and they send me some good suggestions: the advantage of doing this is that you can get nice spots that aren’t known by tourists. So the last two days I took in Seattle, I went to a museum, the first Starbucks, the best place for donuts, a really nice marketplace, I did an underground tour, went to a tower with a breathtaking view (I’ll do a more complete post to share my cool post to visit)… I would say that half of them would have been on my list as I did some search, but I would have missed the other half of nice things I did. Since I believe a lot in the power of our network, I’ll try to crowd source my visit to Krakow, hoping Polish people read my blog, or friends who traveled there.

I didn’t start to check yet what I want to do, but I’ll have about two days off before I work, so what would you suggest me to do? What is the thing a tourist must do when he goes to Krakow? Any secret places I would need to visit or things I need to try/food that may not be as known? I also plan to do a recapitulation post after to share what I did with others, so next time, if you want to go there, you’ll have a good list of stuff to do, and as well to see.

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