Going to Brussels in Belgium, anything a tourist should do?

23 Sep 2013
25 May 2020
2 minutes
Creative Commons: https://j.mp/16BeIOA Creative Commons: https://j.mp/16BeIOA

As I did with my first visit in Seattle, and the one in Krakow, I’m asking my friends, and network what to do. Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much time as I wanted in Krakow (I had to work since my week before wasn’t very productive), and didn’t plan anything specific when I was in San Jose last week, but trust me, I’m taking two days off in Brussels to visit this beautiful city.

I know Belgium is the place for food as I have on a list some specific things I want to taste: French fries, chocolate, waffle, and some tasty local beers that we don’t have the chance to drink here. For sure, I’ll need to do a lot more exercise during this trip as it won’t be good for the belly! If you ever went in Brussels, any places I should not miss? Any restaurant I really need to try? Any specific beer I should drink? Any museum I should buy a ticket for? I may have some time during the Mozilla Summit to visit a little, but I prefer to plan for the nearly two days I’ll have off there. I’ll also do my own research, but I consistently like to ask my network too, and build on top of others experience. Of course, I’ll try to do at least one or two geocaches there, and just walk in the town, without any specific destination: it’s always a good way to find less-known area.

Again, I’m very lucky to have the latitude to do this with my job, but trust me; my employer doesn’t loose on this. Before I forget, if you have any suggestion when it comes to cellphone data providers while I’m there, I’ll need to buy a sim card: I can’t live without data! So anything I should do? Any good or bad experience you had there? Any recommendations? Share your thoughts!

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