Be strong for the ones you love

4 Sep 2013
22 May 2020
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As I’m writing these lines, I’m sitting in the post-operations’ waiting room. My mother just got cardiac surgery, and we are waiting after her to wake up. Fortunately, everything went well; the operation was a success! There is no word to say how I feel relief, and happy now.

Yesterday, she finally got the call from the hospital to let her know that she was going to have the surgery today. Until that exact moment, I was totally confident, but it changed: I was really stressed out. Actually, I wasn’t; I was terrified. Both my parents had huge operations in the past, but I was too young to worry about it. I’m lucky as until today, I never really had any major issues in my life, my friends or family’s one. It’s the first time I have something like this, that touch me so closely. Yesterday, I went to the hospital to stay with my mother, her best friend, and my dad: she definitely needed love around her as she was also really stressed out by the operation. At the end, this is a critical one, but I had no right to fail, and I had to be strong, for her. Even now, seeing all the wired connected to her, I still need to be strong as she can wake up at any moment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about “being a real man”: it’s about being the rock that she needs right now. Being this person who is there for her, and that will give her the confidence she needs to know that everything will be fine.

I think it’s important for us, when a loved one is having trouble, to be that pillar who helps the member of your family or a friend to go through this difficult moment. It’s in those situations that you see who really is your family, and who are the people you can call friends. Happily, for me, everything is moving toward a happy end…

P.S.: I guess writing was helping me to calm down as it’s the only thing I was able to do, not even emails.

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