Don’t be ashamed of self-promotion

24 Feb 2014
22 May 2020
2 minutes
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Creative Commons:

Let’s be honest, we all use our social media channels to promote ourselves, and our projects. Many people feel ashamed to do so. I don’t. I think we shouldn’t…

There are a lot of things we can promote: our expertise, our friends, our ideas, our tastes, our knowledge, our projects, our company… Like everything in life, it’s a question of dosage. Even if you would self-promote to the extreme, you still have the right to do so: it’s your Twitter account, your Facebook page, your blog. If people don’t like what you share or write, they also have the freedom to stop reading you: there is no shortage of content on the web. Of course, there are expectations about how people should do a fair usage of those, but still, you have the right.

I personally use my channels to promote my ideas, share with you my next talks, even do shameless promotion about the personal branding book I’m writing with Apress (see what I just did!), and I will continue to do so. In my situation, I balance everything with a give/get attitude: some posts on this blog are pure self-promotion, other are a gift to you. I do this only because I’m who I am, and I think people appreciate this right balance.

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