Street music #1

23 Feb 2014
25 May 2020
< 1 minutes

Everywhere I go I like to take pictures of beautiful street art, but there is another form of street art that I like: street music. All those musicians, sometimes very good, other time, not that much, are part of discovering a new city. It’s not just about travelling as we have a lot of those musicians in Montreal playing in downtown streets during the summer, or even in the subway.

I found this video that I took in Montréal four years ago. The cheesecake ninja (this band name is awesome) is playing since forever in the streets of Montréal, and I always have a great time when I pass near them, so I even bought their albums. I like their beat, it put a smile on your face, and give you the will to do anything!

If you enjoyed as much as I do, share the love, and buy their albums online.

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