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Cherish feedbacks

25 Feb 2014
14 Oct 2020
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We should cherish feedbacks. I’m not talking about non-constructive one: I’m talking about the one that make you learn, understand, and improve yourself. Being criticize isn’t a bad thing. Our first reflex is to avoid them, but we shouldn’t.

I remember, when I started to do public speaking, I was afraid of those evaluation forms: they scared the shit out of me. What if someone don’t like me? What if someone though that I’m a bad speaker. I still think that many people don’t know how to fill those forms, but it’s another discussion. Today, I’m seeking those feedbacks: not that I’m a better speaker, and don’t need to worry about negative comments. I know I can’t please everyone, but when the feedbacks is well done, when it’s constructive, it’s very helpful. It helps me to find my flaws, and to improve myself. It helped me to see my work, my art, with a different view, a new perspective. It’s not always easy, as sometimes you took those a bit too personal, but still, it’s important to take those, and work with them when it make sense.

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