Recording Guidelines

Basic information

  • The show will be live on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Twitch at 3:o0PM ET/EST every other Thursday (with exception discussed with the guest when scheduling a date).
  • We will connect 15 minutes before to ensure that everything is working great.
  • I try to keep the discussion part of the show to maximum 30 minutes, and keep 15 minutes for the demonstration. The show is usually one hour long.

Technical requirements

  • We will use Livestream for the live: it is running inside your browser. I’ll add the link to our episode meeting invite 1-2 weeks before we go live.
  • Be sure you don’t have anything using the internet connection extensively and close unused applications in addition to browser tabs.
  • Use a microphone: no need for something professional, it can be something as simple as the Apple EarPods that came with your phone.
  • Ensure as much as possible that you are in a room where noise isn’t an issue. I really don’t mind if your animal(s) or kids wants to say hi, seriously!


  • Be prepared to talk about your career, what brought you to developer relations, how you see the role, and anything that comes into our discussion.
  • Prepare a technical demo that is about 15 minutes of anything you are passionate about: could be an Open Source project you contribute to, one product you are responsible as a Developer Advocate or anything else of interest. It doesn’t need to be an advance topic, but the target audience is developers. Keep in mind that I will interrupt you often to either ask questions that will help the viewers to understand, discuss about the technology, take questions from the viewers, or just make some remarks about what you did.

The Flow

Think of it as a discussion within two friends! Don’t limit yourself to short answers: actually, take the opportunity to develop on what you want to share: as much as I like the sound of my voice (nah, it sucks), I want the episode to be about you as much as possible. Everything can go, but here is the usual flow:

  1. I will welcome people to the show & make some announcements, if any.
  2. I will introduce you and we will talk about you, your career, developer relations and life.
  3. You will do your demo, and we will discuss it.
  4. If any, I will take questions from the viewers.

Safe space

  • Everyone is welcome, no matter your race, color, mother tongue, religion, disability (visible or not), age, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic & social situation.
  • It is fine to not know something: if you can’t answer my questions or one from viewers, just say you don’t know but will look at it and get back to us in the comments once the show is online. Don’t bullshit, ever.
  • Mistakes happen and do I know that sometimes the demo God isn’t with us: it’s fine! Think of it like a live talk, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, no stress.

Keep in mind that it’s a new show, so we may not have many folks watching live at first and it’s fine since the video will be available after. I’m used to giving talks and interview people, but it will be the first time with Twitch and in this format, so be indulgent to me also. If after the session you have any constructive feedback, I would love you to send them so I can continually improve the format of the deverel show. Same if I should add guidances on this page.

With all that said, thanks for participating. I want you to have fun! That is the most important…