Dance like nobody’s watching

5 Apr 2013
22 May 2020
2 minutes

Watch this video before reading the rest of this post.

Did you watch it? What was your reaction? Is this guy crazy? Is he funny? Would you be ashamed to know him? This guy is a lot of things, but certainly not ridiculous… He is passionate by his job or hobby. He is a music fan, and really like this song. He is the happiest DJ in the world (taken from the YouTube video title, but still true)! Is he the happiest DJ in the world because he looks happy, and smile a lot? Maybe! But maybe it’s because he is living this moment at 200%, and he is dancing like nobody’s watching…

Too often, we are dancing for others, and we should not. Replace the word dancing with everything you want, and you’ll see it will still make sense. How often were you ashamed to tell your friends you like a song of an unpopular singer among them? How often did you change yourself with better clothes just because you were afraid to meet someone you know between your house, and the convenience store? Too often, we are living through others, or seeing ourselves within one’s eyes.

I know, this video is very old if we count in Internet ages, and I have already talked about this topic before, but I was mad to see so many people at that time mentioning that this guy was ridiculous (this post was in my draft folder for a while). Instead of laughing about him (of course he is funny, but I’m talking about mean laughs), we should be proud. Yes, we should be proud that this guy is happy, and don’t care about how others see him. We should also be mad, as most of us are not as strong as him, to be ourselves in every situation. Trust me, when you start to live for yourself, and be yourself in every moment of your life, it’s not always easy, but it’s worth all the effort. We are used to seek attention, and esteem from others. Even if it’s important to be loved, and be respected, I would say that it’s only important if  it’s about who you are.

So starting now, be yourself in every circumstance, live your life at 200%, and… dance like nobody’s watching…

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