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Codementor Office Hours on Personal Branding for developers

15 Jan 2015
9 Oct 2020
2 minutes

Since my book on personal branding for developers is now available, I also want to continue to share about the subject on this blog, but also at conferences. It’s why, on January 29th at 10AM (PDT), I’ll do a Codementor Office Hours on this exact topic: Beginners Guide for Building a Personal Brand in the Developer Community.

As developers, we often feel like we’re immune to the necessity of marketing ourselves. But wouldn’t it be nice to be sought after for lucrative speaking, writing, or consulting opportunities? Well, you can be…if you create a great personal brand.

Doing so will provide rocket fuel for your career as a developer. You’ll find better jobs or become the “go-to guy” in certain situations; you’ll become known for your expertise and leadership; people will seek your advice and point of view; you’ll get paid better to speak, write, or consult. As a developer, there are many tools you can use to scale, and this office hours will help you understand how to get visibility, make a real impact, and achieve your goal with a lot of time for Q&A. No need to be a marketing expert or a personal branding guru: be yourself and get your dream job or get to the next level of your career.

We’re going to be speaking with Frédéric Harper, Apress author, Head of Developer Relations at Mashape and former Evangelist of Mozilla on how to become a first-call developer in whatever your speciality is. Whether it’s booking a better job or picking up new opportunities on the side, building a personal brand alongside your work will yield huge returns.

Using about thirty minutes of the full hour I’ll have, I’ll share with you tips and tricks, and the high-level ideas of personal branding for us, developers. I’ll take the other half of my time to answers questions you may have about it, or specific to your path. It is a free online event, but you need to RSVP to attend. The available spots will be limited, so take yours as soon as possible. I cannot wait for my first 2015 talk on this topic I like so much!

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