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Do you have a bozo list?

16 Jan 2015
9 Oct 2020
1 minute

I’m reading the biography of Steve Jobs. He was always classifying people in different buckets, and one of those categories was bozos. The people he didn’t like or didn’t trust. The ones that didn’t deserve his time, and energy. Like Steve, do you have a bozo list?

I didn’t have one. Let’s be honest, I have people who fit the bill very well. Jobs was a complete jerk, but he may have been right about this: I need a bozo list. Don’t get me wrong, I like people, but there are people that gets on your nerve, no matter what. Some people you don’t like or those who don’t like you. People you didn’t trust. People who changed too much and moved from the friendly bucket to the bozo one. Those people don’t deserve your time and energy. Those people, don’t deserve my time and energy. They are not the toxics one which you need to avoid at any cost, but they clearly don’t bring anything positive to your life.

In the end, unless someone invents a way to live forever, we only have a finite number of days in this world. We don’t want to spend it with bozos…

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