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Going out of his comfort zone doesn’t mean doing stuff you don’t like

26 Feb 2014
14 Oct 2020
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When I told my previous manager that I didn’t like my role because it changed too much, he told me that I should be happy, as I like to go out of my comfort zone. I had a very good relationship with him, and I know he was joking, but it made me realize that many people may not understand this comfort zone concept.

I told you; I like to go out of my comfort zone (hence this blog name)! The thing is that you need to make a difference from being out of your comfort zone, and doing something you don’t like. Most of the time, it’s a good idea to do stuff you are afraid of doing. Stuff you think you may not be able to do. The magic happens outside of your comfort zone. It help you surpass yourself, have a better life, and add materials to your life backpack. On the other side, there are thing we just shouldn’t do: not because we can’t, but because we don’t like them. In this story, I took the challenge about my new assignments. Since I didn’t like them, it made no sense to continue to be out of my comfort zone as the end goal wasn’t something I was looking for: doing something I don’t want to do.

Once you made the difference between something you don’t want to do, because you don’t like it, with something you don’t want to do, because you are afraid of or don’t believe in your capacity, it will be a totally different story…

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