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My 3 words for 2015

2 Jan 2015
30 Dec 2020
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It’s now a tradition: every year, I write down my three words of the year. Instead of taking a resolution, I focus the year to come on words that will help me drive my behavior, and some results I’m expecting for the next 365 days. I’m not that proud of last year: my words were amazing, but, unfortunately, it’s like if I forbid them right at the beginning. It’s not that I didn’t respect them, but there were not present in my day to day as they should have been. In any cases, it’s not because they are last year’s words, that they can’t help me drive the rest of my life either…


This year, I’ll turn thirty-three: I’m not old, but I’m not that young anymore. Still, I feel like living in the body of someone twice my age. I made some progress last year, but it’s far from being enough. I like my life and I want to live a lot longer and to do so, I need to treat myself better. In the last year, and a half, I learned a lot when it comes to health, and it’s not just about going to the gym. It’s about a lifestyle change for me. Yes, going to the gym is part of it, but finding, and doing more sport is important. More home cooking, more quality meals and better choices at the restaurant makes food on top of my list too. It’s also about work-life balance: evangelist jobs are dangerous as the line between having fun, and working is thin, really thin, so you work all the time, and travels a lot. I saw some friends getting sick, near depression because of this role. It also involves a lot of things as it’s another powerful word. Health is an important word for me this year, probably the most important one, but as anything critical, not easy at all to focus on…


Ever hear the idiom, less is more. Last year, one of my words was minimalism: it was perfect for my mindset, and life plan at that time, but I have the feeling that now, it’s too strong. So what’s new with this word? It’s more than about the material. I’m a materialist, and for me, it’s more, and more important to feel great when I’m at home. On the other side, I don’t want my life to turn around just physical stuff, so I need to find the right balance. It means less time on unimportant things too. It means fewer projects. It means being more effective, having more impact, and always delivering quality. Funny enough, it also means more: more of what is really worth it in my life. In fact, there is a bottomless pit of meaning for this word and can be applied to many things in my life!


I like to discover new things, but I’m also a man of habits. I often go to the same restaurants. I also tend to stay a lot at home when I’m not traveling: I think it makes sense at some point, but there are so many things to do in Montréal, and everywhere else. I want to try new activities, learn about new cultures, discover new restaurants: I want to make new experiences. I want to live these moments with honey and my friends.

By looking at those words, I feel good. I feel like a tiger, the king of the jungle, my jungle! I hope 2015 will be as good for you that it will be for me…

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